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Sunday, November 26, 2006

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Friday, October 13, 2006

SiliconValleyTechBusinesses: Welcome to SiliconValleyBusinessCrunch!

SiliconValleyTechBusinesses aims at giving you the latest on high-tech products to help you make good shopping decisions. Together with SiliconValleyBusinessCrunch, it will provide you with the best product and service reviews. We hope to give you the beats of the tech world. You will see how we love this age of gargantuan technological advances.

Kodak DX4900: Why Kodak Digital Cameras Are Getting So Popular

Kodak DX4900:
High Resolution Camera at Lower Price

Kodak Digital has made it easy for many photography enthusiasts to indulge in their hobby. If anything, it knows a few things about what it takes to make its cameras affordable, accessible and easy to use. At the same time, it tends to meet the needs of more sophisticated users. It has a wide range of cameras that will appeal the beginners, the intermediate users and the globe-trotting professional photographers. Depending on what types of features you are looking for, you can choose among very good Kodak cameras. Its digital brands have already conquered the hearts of many users all over the world. Despite some minor shortcomings found in some of the cameras, I am still a huge Kodak user. From a 3.1 MP, I have long upgraded to a 4 MP Kodak camera. If anything, as a consumer, you should always buy some type of warranty. In case you get dissatisfied with one, you can always upgrade to a better one.

A great value in DX4900 Kodak digital Camera

By now, you have already known why you are on the market. Depending on what you intend to do, you will want to purchase a camera with the right amount of pixels, resolution and digital zoom. Kodak has brought this camera to the market to satisfy a select group of users like you who want to upgrade due to new needs. You may have realized that the cameras with the lower resolution don't meet your family and work needs. With the DX4900, you will have access to the CompactFlash memory card expansion and Kodak advanced color technology. Then, it's going to be up to you whether you want to purchase the EasyShare dock for one touch picture transfer. Just keep in mind that this equipment is sold separately. If you choose to watch over your budget, you can use the cord that is in the package. You will be able to transfer your pictures to the computer with a few clicks.

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Canon Digital Cameras Are The Best: Canon Powershot Is Versatile. What Happens to Sony?

Canon PowerShot G2 Digital Camera:
The Mother Lode Of Digital Cameras

It's not so much to take a few shots, save them and later upload them to your website so friends can see them. With this camera, you will go beyond the simple pleasures of e-mailing the kids' recent vacation trips to the ocean, river and amusement parks to grandparents. Equipped with this new Canon PowereShot G2 will make you get out and start seeing your environment with new eyes. For sure, Canon PowerShot G2 is the best top quality camera on the market these days. I have been looking for a decent digital camera recently. Being as frugal as I can be, obviously price would be taken into consideration. Canon PowerShot G2 was way too much for my budget, but I managed to hang out with a photographer friend of mine to see what the hype is all about. Well, I will take this back. There can't be any hype with this Canon when it has a resolution of more than 3 MP and CCD, a feature that you can find in most Canon's earlier models.

Hobbyists, professional and advanced amateur photographers Should Go For This!

If you are serious about your profession, you will want to have the best possible tools. And if you care about the type of picture output you obtain, you will invest in this camera that provides you with a great picture quality, high resoolution, top performance and reliability. It all depends on what you are going to use this camera for. If you want to use it to take pictures to upload to your website, then you know that you way too much MP. After all, the true value of the camera resides in the number of mega-pixels and how you can maneuver to get what you want. That's why the most obvious consideration when buying a digital camera is choosing a model with the amount of megapixels you want for the type of job you want to perform. Often megapixels aren't the best gauge of the quality you'll be getting. The fewer the megapixels, the less data you'll have to work with and the less you can do with your pictures. Big numbers of pixels equate to photo-quality prints, where smaller numbers of pixels mean low-quality images best suited for the Web.

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Do Minolta Digital Cameras Beat Canon Cameras?

Minolta F100 Zoom Digital Camera
How would you like to surprise your loved ones this time of the year? You can do so with a simple present that will speak volume. If you are living the American dream, you are like the rest of us, with parents scattered all over the states and the globe. Staying in touch with them becomes more and more urgent especially when the grandkids start asking questions about grandpa and grandma. Digital photography has come to shorten that great distance. Extended families can remain abreast of their loved ones' news and progress. Minolta F100 Zoom Digital Camera is the right camera that can help family members to bond once again. With the popularity of e-mail and customized web albums, this camera is the right addition to the family's set of equipment. In my interaction with my friends and some customers who ask me for assistance, I have never hesitated to let them know that their needs should justify the purchase of a specific camera.

Why should anybody invest in this camera?

Well, if you are looking for superior performance and style, then you'd better go with the best on the market. There again, it's all relative to your needs. If you are only a beginner, obviously your needs will be drastically different from those of a professional or an intermediate user. They may need to get some specific results. Don't let the preceding statements fool you when it comes to which cameras to use to e-mail pictures to your loved ones or post them on your sites. All digital cameras can meet this basic need. The Minolta Dimage F100 comes loaded with 4 megapixels. For sure, your pictures will have a higher resolution. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution, the more megapixels are in use, the sharper the image will be when blown up to larger and larger sizes. When we are talking about low resolution, we mostly see cameras with less than a megapixel. Don't fall into that trap. Buy a camera you can be proud of for some time. The Minolta Dimage F100 is one of the top cameras on the market right now. It can give you superb quality pictures. With 4 megapixels, your images can only be great even after you do all the editing, cropping etc. The chance is that these images will still look great. The DiMage F100 is one of Minolta's best outputs so far. No matter what your current status is, you will find great joy using it for your various work-related and home projects. So far, all I have heard from my friends and customers who have used it is just praise for its standard features.

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Olympus Digital Cameras Are Getting Hot Just Like Canon Ones

Olympus C4000 Camera Digital Camera for Pros and Beginners
If you are looking forward to adding some nice features to your regular newsletter, e-mails to family members living in other parts of the country, keeping track of the growth of your flowers in your garden or just sharing pictures of your upcoming travel and celebrations, the Olympus Camedia C-4000 is the right digital camera for you.. I have used it to capture work-related pictures on various work projects and assignments. I have been pretty satisfied with the way the pictures turn out. Until now, I have remained surprised by its ease of use, capacity and overall performance. It makes sense that it belongs to the Olympus family of digital hardware.

This camera is great for e-mailing and printing

Most of the people who have been using digital imaging have done so because of the simplicity and ease of the cameras. With the Olympus Camedia 4000, not only will you have ease of use you will also have great outputs. The camera has a 4.1 megapixel resolution which will allow you to have up to 20x30-inches prints. If you are into working on various photography projects, you won't feel disappointed by the finished products. Featuring 3x optical, 3.3x digital zoom and 1.8 LCD, 16 MB smartmedia card and 6 program scene modes, plus movie mode, this camera has strong appeals in its delivery of color and clarity.

If you feel like making small movies, you can do so with this Olympus Camedia. It allows you to record movies with Quicktime Movie mode. The LCD viewfinder allows you to focus on the object or scenes you want to shoot. In addition, if you don't want to mess around with the camera, you can always use the automatic, point-and-shoot the camera comes equipped with. However, if you are a pro or are familiar with digital cameras, you can show your creative juices by working with the manual controls. Why not after all? You'll be able to get it to do what you want in terms of how much light, clarity and focus you want. With 4.1 megapixel, you can expect to take up to 30 and 59 great pictures with 64mb. If you have 32 mb, just think about 15 to 29 pictures. My rule of thumb is to take about 20 pictures.

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The Evolution of Sony Digital Cameras: Why Canon is Ahead

In the world of digital cameras, very rarely will you find the combination of practicality, convenience, affordability and performance. For a long time now, I have known about the practicality of the Sony Mavica MVC-CD400 in the corners and confines of library archiving and cataloguing. Later on, I have learned much more thanks to two friends respectively working in the archives of a religious organization and the police headquarters. For sure, the Mavica has come very handy. After all of these information-gathering opportunities, I set out to have a closer contact with this camera.

No more will you have to be shocked by the exorbitant price of CompactFlash, SD, Memorey Stick and other media or memory cards. If you are interested in purchasing this Sony Mavica, you will be glad to find out that it comes equipped with a storage device that is dirt-cheap. Yes, some of you may explain the high costs of the memory sticks, CompactFlash and others by the fact they are reusable. No matter what, the cameras that have these media will never be able to outperform the Mavica in the areas of convenience and affordability of storage devices and platform. Consider for a minute that a three-inch CD-RW costs about a few dollars. This means you can always buy a whole package and take with you on your vacation. All you need to worry about is an extra set of infoLithium batteries on hand. Besides, most computers can read these CD-Rs or CD-RWs. Compatibility with all personal computers is one of the great appeals of this camera. Practically all computers will be able to read these images.

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